How to correctly configure IPTV for viewing on Android TV

1. Download and install these two softwares
 before we begin to make sure everything's ready before we buy, test, and configure the IPTV channels for viewing. 

Sublime Text (needed for choosing only the channels you want, e.g.: only U.S.A. or only U.K. etc.
VLC media player (needed for testing the channels' availability and quality)

2. Open an account on and buy at least 1 year worth of time ($0.01 per day, $3.65 for 1 year, **REALLY CHEAP**)

3. Buy the IPTV channels on (really cheap, only 2 dollars for 1 month, 5$ for 3 months, 10$ for 6 months and about 20$ for 1 year

4. After buying the channels (M3U file) wait til' the seller sends you the subscription you bought. When being redirected to the waiting page after successful payment (with an animation of a man running), keep refreshing that page until you see "Delivered."

5. When you the seller sends a link starting with "http://..." or "https://..." select that whole link and copy/paste it into a new tab, and then press enter, it should start downloading a M3U file which contains the channels we need. Wait til' that file completely downloads and then right click it, and choose "Open with" and navigate to sublime_text.exe on Program Files on your C:/ drive. 

6. Search for your desired country. USA in most cases begins with "| USA"... (without quotes), so press CTRL+F to start searching, and when you see the first USA channel select a few lines starting at the beggining of the line which starts with "#EXTINF:"... and press and keep the SHIFT button pressed, and while SHIFT key is pressed keep pressing one time after another the Page Down (Pg Dn) button, until you see you're no longer selecting USA channels but other country channels, and release all keys and press CTRL+C to copy those channels to clipboard.

7. Open a new tab on Sublime Text, and write "#EXTM3U" in the first line. Then press enter to go to a new line, and then press CTRL+V. Press CTRL+S to save the file containing all channels you bought, and type a name ending with .m3u, e.g.: Tony's TV.m3u

8. Upload that file on GitHub and paste its raw link to your ZalTV account. 

9. Install ZalTV on your Android TV and enter the code given to you in the ZalTV portal. 


Now just lay down and relax with your partner or family and enjoy watching your favorite channels.