FREE UNLIMITED Video Uploading and Sharing through Google

Do you need to share a big number of videos in big size, but find most services on the internet are inconvenient and filled with pesky ads and limitations? Look no further!

This is a very simple way I have discovered to upload and share videos by either embedding them for playing (with the YouTube player!) or downloading them directly without any ads or limitations.

You must have a Google Account. Go to Google Photos and upload your videos there.

Note: The first time you upload it's going to show this dialog. Just choose the first option "High Quality (free unlimited storage)"

After videos are finished uploading, go to Google Drive, and go on the "Google Photos" tab on the left.

From there, find the video/s, right click it, and share it with Public (as in the pictures below):

STEP 3: After you have shared the video/s with Public, then you need to grab the embed code or the download link.

EMBED CODE: Open the video to view it, and on the top right corner click the more options button, and click on "Embed item..."

It will show the code for embedding it to your website for playing:

This is how the player looks like embedded:


From the same preview page, click on the top right corner download button:

Then copy the URL you are redirected to:

That's it!

You can use this method to upload and share as many videos (and photos) you like, no matter the size. The only limitation (which is not really a limitation) is that the maximum allowed quality of videos is 1080p. That's more than enough for almost everyone. 

If you're a 4K freak then I don't know what to tell you, but don't be so obsessed with quality of the video, but of the content. That's what truly matters.