Facebook’s Messenger Offers More Than You Think!

Revealed hidden functions of Facebook Messenger which are extremely useful, but not obvious to the average user.

You most likely know about Facebook’s Messenger app and use it everyday to talk with people. It is a very popular app, but it’s not just a phone app, it’s also a web app — that is, you can also access it on the web by your PC, at messenger.com or for short m.me — but many people don’t know that! Let alone using it regularly and enjoying its amazing benefits.

You can send audio files/MP3s and they will be playable. 

By phone: browse to the audio file in phone’s file browser, select it and share with Messenger. By PC: Either drag the audio file inside the page, or click the Add files button, and select the audio file. So if you want to share your favorite song with your friend , you can do so and it will be in the original quality, unconverted.  Notes: Your Audio needs to be under 25 MB or it will not send. However, that is okay with most audios, even if it isn’t you can convert it to a lower quality to reduce size.

You can forward already sent messages by phone only

This includes, photos, videos, audios, and documents. Why is it useful? Because you don’t need to re-upload files, or to re-write messages to send to another friend, or multiple friends. The downside of this though is that (currently) you can only do this by the phone app.

You can send longer than 1 minute voice messages from PC 

 While the phone app (currently) limits the voice messages’ time to 1 minute, the web app does not seem to have a limit. — Although, there is a workaround to doing the same with phone too. Just record your voice with phones’ recording app, and share the audio file with Messenger, then send it to who you like. 

With these tips in mind, you can do more than you normally would with Messenger. And I am sure that if you try all these functions that Messenger offers, you will like it even more and begin to use it more often, especially (at least for me) from the web app. Facebook has done a great job with Messenger. I hope that they do not make pesky changes and remove any of these great features.