Cent Browser Portable (WinRar Setup)

This is the portable version of Cent Browser, with an improved GUI of the setup. I used WinRAR and Resource Hacker to make it.

You can also get the source files too, if you want to reproduce it, along with instructions on how to do so. 
This method of making setups works with any other program, and is a good way to provide your software.


  • [2016-10-03] v2.1.9.50 for Windows
  • Upgraded to Chromium 53.0.2785.143
  • Added "Disable" command in extension context menu
  • Added badge text for completed download tasks
  • Added toggle browser mute button
  • Added accelerator(Alt+X) for tab list menu
  • Fully disable download protection when safe browsing disabled
  • Unload tabs to reduce memory consumption by middle clicking in tab list menu
  • Improve new tab page performance
  • Enable password force saving by default
  • Fixed two potential crashes
  • [Bug fixes]Tas opened from external link may be not in visible area of tab bar
  • [Bug fixes]Startup command line is not parsed correctly in some cases
  • [Bug fixes]Color control is not handled correctly when color value begins with zero
  • [Bug fixes]Mouse wheel scrolling skips a tab when opening hyperlink disposition set to background tab
  • [Bug fixes]Updater doesn't work in some cases
  • [Bug fixes]Confirm dialog not appear when closing browser from task bar context menu