How To Add Adsense Ads to Blogger

You might think it's very hard or complicated to add ads to your blogger, but it's actually very simple.

1. Go to your AdSense "My Ads" section and get the ad code.

2. Go to your blogger's "Layout" section.

3. Scroll down and click on Add a Gadget

then choose HTML/Javascript.

4. Paste the code there and Save.

5. Done! It's that simple. 

But wait, why don't my ads show immediately? Well, the reason for that is because it takes a little time for them to show, so you should not expect them to show immediately. Nor today necessarily. Sometimes it takes even many days for them to show, depending on the state of your blog. Please be patient, and do not mark this method as not working, because it works. If the ads don't show on your blogger it's because either your blog content, or your adsense account not being accurately configured or confirmed. 

For more, have a word with Google, your faithful friend.